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Happy | Calgary newborn photographer

This little man in my friend J’s ray of sunshine. Well, her third ray really :) He is the happiest baby… I took so many smiling pictures of him it is unbelievable!!! Although, when you see the smiles on her other children’s faces, I would say it is a family trait!!

Thanks so much J&J ¬†for bringing him by. I can not believe how together you are with three little ones AND getting everyone over to my place for a morning shoot!!! He was such a little pleasure to spend time with, and Kade truly enjoyed spending some time with the bigger kids!! Enjoy your sneak… you have a whack of smiley pics coming your way!!!

Seriously awesome hats.

Please… make yourself comfortable :)

when back rolls are nothing short of ADORABLE!!

Itty Bitty baby feet……

How cute are these 3 kids!!!

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3 Responses to “Happy | Calgary newborn photographer”

  1. Great job! What a cutie! What knod of blanket are you using? I wanna see the rest! :)

  2. kathy says:

    The blanket was actually an accident that totally worked out. I bought a faux fur blanket and washed it (dry clean only lol) which is actually ok. But I put it in the dryer too just to see! And it went all matted and curly. I went and bought a new blanket, but kept the wrecked one. Turns out I love the wrecked one! Hairs don’t get in the baby’s face as much :)

  3. I truly love the close up shots! Especially those back rolls :)

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