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Archive: June, 2011

words that don’t normally run together | Calgary photographer

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Hey, should we get a pet mouse for Rohan today?

Sure why not 2?

This.happened.today. Because 2 kids, 2 high maintenance dogs, and 3 home businesses are clearly not enough.

So the day went like like this….. I woke up super early. Freaking out over a messy kitchen I left the night before. So I was up and cleaning before 6. Kade came down around 6:30 ,ad that I was already awake, but stoked to give daddy his presents on Daddy’s day. So we waited. And waited. And waited some more.
Then… Ro was up. Then we heard daddy. Well… the kids could NOT wait. They were barging in on him throwing their presents at him, so over the top excited. It was hysterical!!! Poor guy was shell shocked lol.
Then on to breakfast. While making it Dion came down, now ready for the day and the rest of the presents. Of course everything flew together. The eggs were ready, pancakes needed flipping, drinks to ready, toast popped up AND the kids are demanding he open their presents. So I missed much of the photo ops… and seeing the wreckage!
Gifts done, breakfast eaten and I haven’t even cleaned up when I hear ‘HEY!!!! Where’s the ice cream cake??????’

Really Rohan? It’s 8:30.
However, it’s father’s day. Daddy had most of the day off. I’m in a generous mood. And cake was served.

Once I’ve starting cleaning THAT up, the next thing I hear is ‘Hey, should we get his mouse today?’ Well…… I was thinking a movie and then back for a lovely homemade dinner….. but ok.

And the rest of the day was spent on…. MICE. Because we got 2. And yes, I have so far survived. But not by much 😉 We had been talking about getting one for Ro in the fall. I heard they are much better pets than hamsters and Ro has been DYING for something like that. But in the fall. Our friends had a pretty crazy cage from when their boys had mice, so we went over and picked that up. Then to the pet store! Where we picked the mice, the food, the bedding, the treats, the salt lick, the mineral lick, the hiding spot…. it STILL cost a few pennies. More than a few. For a tiny little critter!

Then it was home time. Of course after Kade dropped her mouse in the box on the floor. Really happened. Like this.

Kade’ I want to hold my mouse like Rohan!!’
Me ‘No, Mommy should hold it until we get to the car!’
Kade ‘You’re the meanest ever mommy!!! Please let me hold it!!!’
Me ‘Kade I don’t want you to drop it’
Kade ‘I’ll be very careful mommy’
Me ‘*sigh* ok hold it like this. DO NOT DROP IT!!!’


Me ‘Kade I will hold it until we get to the car’
Kade ‘OK mommy’

There was a crack in the cage so Dion went to the garage to fix it and I took 2 kids DYING to see these mice inside. As if I could hold them off until Dion came in. The kids OR the mice. Because it only takes 5 minutes for them to chew threw the airholes in the box enough to get through. Random fact you now know 😉 I should say I am TERRIFIED of mice. I have told Dion in no uncertain terms if there is EVER one in our house I am moving to a hotel until the exterminator tells me it’s safe. I practice my scream, and dancing on chairs should the need ever arise. I have them. They freak me out.

And now there are two living in our house. That we PAID for. Karma.

Everything was going good. I took one mouse out only and we pet it while I held it. I didn’t freak when it pooped. I grabbed the antibacterial wipes that we have a huge stockpile of, picked it up, washed my hands and carried on. And then…..

And then….


Crawled up my hoody sleeve. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME PATCHES??? Up my sleeve. Desperately trying not to panic I tried to get it out. Then undid the zipper and was trying to get my arm out of the sleeve when I heard salvation. Dion was coming up the stairs. All I could think of was to just wait, just wait, don’t panic. And he came in. And I said very quietly.

I need help. It’s in my shirt. I have a mouse IN MY SLEEVE.

And he saved me. Best man ever.

So we spent the day giving them some treats, getting to know them and convincing the kids to hold them. They are a little scared of them, but I give it a few days :) I do admit they are actually pretty cute. And I researched them, surprised to find they are fairly smart, can be trained to do some tricks, and that they make excellent pets. So we’ll see.

Now…. has anyone done the potty training thing for mice? I’ll totally do it if it works. Kind of grosses me out.

He was so happy. Gets mad that the mice sleep so much, cause he wants to play with them. But so happy.

This is Patches. He is Rohan’s and is very cool. Loves loves people.

This is Spot. Or actually now called Spotless. Don’t ask me why… Kade decided it. This one is hers. Very timid. We’re working on it. By the end of the night she could hold it in her hand for about 20 seconds… I call that success!!! So funny, when the mouse starts crawling out of her hand she holds up the other one to it and yells NO! haha She also tells it to come to mama when she wants it. OMG that girl.

The dogs may be a tad jealous of todays disruption to their lives. Oscar is staring them down. Now… do dogs eat mice? Don’t actually want to find out in real life!


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Look who’s ONE! | Calgary baby photographer

Monday, June 13th, 2011

I love that I have been around long enough to keep getting repeat customers!!! This little guy was so super sweet at his newborn session!!! I was so excited because it was the first time I got thepose and he let me take so many more!!
He was just as wonderful at his one year old session as his newborn. A bonus for mom… there were no nakey shots so there was no fear of poop 😉

Today was such a random weather day…. when I left for the session I was SURE we wouldn’t be able to do it. We were meeting at Fish Creek and when I left home is was totally storming. Thunder, lighting, and some crazy rain. But…. we decided to try and we are so happy we did!! It was beautiful at the park! No rain at all, we were actually fighting sunlight at some points. When we were leaving the thunder (and mosquitos) were rolling in. So we timed it perfectly. He is so very cute. Thanks so much for letting me spend some more time with your wonderful family!! It was a pleasure seeing you all again.

We even snuck in a cake smash… OUTDOORS!! So completely awesome. He demolished that cake :)

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it’s pretty outside | Calgary photographer

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

We have a tree in out backyard. A tree that has hit my blog more than once. Well, we have a few trees, but I am talking about one in particular.

I talk about it and take pictures of it often. Because it is the most gorgeous, beautiful, amazing tree for about 3 days a year. The rest of the year? Well….. it provides super shade. And annoying little ornamental fruit of some sort that cover my yard. That I have to tell children and dogs not to eat. Now that the children are older, it is the dogs I have to tell more than them. Still freakishly annoying.

Anyways. Today is one of the beautiful, gorgeous, amazing moments for the tree. So I, being me, ran out to grab some pictures. As I did so I thought to myeslf ‘ Kathy Jongstra you have 8756 pictures of this tree. Why do you need more? Why do you keep coming back from this angle, and that angle, focus here, then there.’ Of course, being me my other self answered ‘Because, I am learning how to take the best nature photographs. And how else is one to learn?’

So glad my other self one the argument as I am thrilled with some of the pictures I got. I was trying to play with the light, and really had a lot of fun. I think I may print some of these… and that will be a first of my backyard tree pics! They are just pretty. and light. LOVE.

This is one of my favorite ones. And the only one I processed clean. I love this picture.

Hello gorgeous sunflare. You I like.

Seriously heavenly light. Oh how I love light. And sunshine.Sunshine IS best served right after a thunderstorm!

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