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Archive: November, 2011

precious | Calgary infant photography

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Isn’t he just beautiful?? Had so much fun with this little guy :) And with him wanting to be wrapped up for the shoot, I rolled with it and tried out some fun lighting! Thanks so much for bringing him in, it was great!

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Some newborn love | Calgary newborn photographer

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

This little girl was soooo cute! I was so happy to have gotten my pink and purple drops in, they worked out perfectly with this little princess :) Thanks so much for bringing her in!

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all day baking and cooking brought to you by Pinterest | Calgary photographer

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Pinterest. I signed up forever ago and didn’t really get it. Didn’t want to put in the time to figure it out either.
A few weeks ago I started pinning… then ran out of time again.
It is a HUGE time sucker!!!

But I love it. Pinterest makes me want to get married (yes we have been together for almost 10 years, have 2 kids and have been engaged for 5 yrs lol), be an amazing photographer, do ALL the crafts with my kids I can find, build my dream house, louse weight, become a baker, a chef, and interior designer. BUT, here I am stuck on the computer because I can’t stop looking at pins, repinning, and liking!!! Time is also wasted by me calling Dion over a thousand times a day ‘YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!!!’.
Pinterest is a creative, imaginative person’s dream. And nightmare. You just can’t stop!

Today Kade and I had a Pinterest day. We’ve been having a rough couple of days with this child…. she’s overtired and throwing tantrums. Like massive meltdowns where I can’t even physically drive Ro to school because she keeps unbuckling herself in the car. It’s been rough. So today I wanted to shake things up for her. See if I could snap her out of it.

We baked. It’s my favorite thing to do. Music and baking is bliss. And everything we made was off Pinterest.

On the list:
chocolate chip cookies
lemon bars
chicken parmesan bake
homemade garlic toast

And it was AWESOME. Lemon bars still hate me. I WILL CONQUER YOU ONE DAY. But today was not the day.
Everything else was a hit. Rohan ate his whole supper (unheard of) in minutes. Telling me how good it was, and still talking about it at bedtime! The garlic bread was incredible…

If you want the recipes, look me up on Pinterest under my name :) If you’re not on there, send me your e-mail addy and I’ll send an invite! It is an awesome place!

Anyways…. here’s my girl. The girl I love. Who loves spending time with her mama. And we have matching Christmas aprons 😉

‘Reading’ the recipe to me

Being cute

I LOVE this pic :)

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A newborn!!! | Calgary newborn photography

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Finally got to get my baby fix in 😉 And try out some new posing/lighting techniques. Little Miss A was a strong girl, she let me have my way 50 % of the time, and she won the other half :)
So happy I got to try out some new things, thank you sooo much for bringing her in. It was a pleasure meeting all of you!!

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the calm before the storm | Calgary family photography

Monday, November 7th, 2011

The calm? Kathy taking pictures of a beautiful family. Some adorable girls. Playing, talking, laughing….. until the storm.

The storm? Kathy racing with a completely adorable 5 yr old….. until she tripped :( Oh my I feel horrible!! Poor little girl she was having the best time until that fall!! Next time I might not go ‘all out’ playing with the kids…. so sorry Miss M!!! Hope you are not scarred…. for you have some beautiful photos from our time together!


Thanks so much for spending some time with me this afternoon! It may have been chilly, we may have had one major accident, but hopefully this gorgeous pics make up for all the hard work!!!

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Halloween | Calgary photographer

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

It came and it’s over!! Whatever you do, don’t forget to post some of your halloween pics over on my FB page!! Love to see them :)

I didn’t do much for Halloween this year, just couldn’t get into it. I have never been a huge Halloween person (minus the few years I got to get the candy when I didn’t have to buy any!), but this year I was just plain old sluggish! I did manage to get out and buy the kids their costumes, but when we went to try on Kade’s costume a few days before Halloween it didn’t even fit!!! Thankfully a friend stepped in and lent us one. I did NOT have the heart to go out and buy another one!

Speaking of the friend, her name is Shannon and she is running a Halloween picture contest. So thanks for the costume Shannon! She was sure happy :)

So we went trick or treating… with our smaller pails this year. One block and they were full, filling up Daddy’s hoody so they could hit a few houses on the way back. We got so much candy last year I was determined NOT to come home with so much this time! It worked and the kids were still totally happy. Kade kept saying ‘OK time to go home and eat some candy!’ While Rohan kept telling her ‘It’s not about the candy Kade, it’s about the fun experience!’ Sometimes my kids make me so proud.

After we were done I had Dion and the kids drive over to a house I had heard about from a mom at school. I wanted to see a house we park by to get to school anyways, so we went to both. They were AWESOME. Seriously. If anyone trick or treats in Shawnessy, you have to see these houses next year! E-mail me and I’ll give the details. Kade kept saying ‘Oh my, that house was creepy AND cool!!!!’ They were both totally amazed at the houses, and Dion and I were too!! Totally well done :) So I took some pics… it was pitch black out, so I had my iso jacked, shutter speed way down, and app too. The noise gives it the feel I want :) No flash here!

Stuff was moving all through this yard! The ghost slid, pots brewed and bubbled, a skeleton popped out of it’s grave, corpses moved, it was very well done. We watched this man work on his yard while dropping Ro off to school every day last week. It was a huge effort and totally worth it!

Behind the white drop… there were strobe lights. Mummies and skeletons. Women and kids dressed up. Someone laying on the table wrapped up as a mummy just waiting to scare people. Even I was a little freaked out! The strobe lights and all the white stuff with people bumping into with ‘blood’ all over was pretty intense! These 2 families decorated together, and it was pretty impressive!

It looked like the pumpkins were breathing!

Creepy fence posts hey?

Earlier my kids were comparing candy……

before taking their haul home :)

And now? Now it’s time for CHRISTMAS!!!

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