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Archive: December, 2011

A ‘lil’ rebel turned 1!! | Calgary baby photographer

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

There is something about birthday parties I love. The people, the fun, the food (ok I mean cake lol), and the little birthday person. This birthday party was no exception! This little man turned one… and he is so incredibly cute!! His mom sure had fun decorating for the party, it looked incredible!

The little birthday man

He sure loves his mama!

Brother sneaking in some kisses… I don’t know if I have seen such a loving big brother before :)

Sisters with their two youngest

Some friends

And then CAKE time!!! Hello sugar high :)

And what would a party be without presents???? He finally got into it, right at the end!

One awesome family memory from this day…. took some magic to get this!

Happy Birthday! Thanks for letting me be a part of the big day :)

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Meet our elfontheshelf Bruno | Calgary photographer

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Our elf on the shelf, which we named Bruno, arrived on Nov 29. As he was supposed to arrive on the same day as my sister’s elf, imagine our shock when ours showed up a day early. I am SO disorganized this year!!!!

The day he arrived he made us breakfast to celebrate our first day together. Fun ‘north pole’ milk, donuts, and egg mcmuffins got me out of breakfast duty 😉

Ro was skeptical, but Kade said ‘Our house is FULL of magic!!!!’. It is baby girl. It is. We are just over a week in, and it has been the most fun tradition to start. The kids wake up every morning, rushing to see where the elf is and what mischief he has been in. Because our elf? OF COURSE they would send a little mischief maker. Totally fits in around here!!!

This was our big first day :)

(day 1)

Ro listening to the story….

helping his sister get her ‘north pole milk’

On the second day… our elf was already causing trouble!!! The kids caught him coloring a picture of an elf (lol), he had written his name on it and was cutting it out!


On the third day, he was already hittin on Strawberry Shortcake!! Took her for a swanky cupcake date in our TV stand….

(day 3)

Probably didn’t make a great impression… as he was covered in icing lol.

On the fourth day, he THREW A PARTY!!! What a mess… they had pop and chips and trail mix…. and the kids found them playing Uno Moo. Kade was not impressed he was wearing her beads lol.

(day 4)

Oh don’t try looking all cute! WHO is going to clean this all up???

On the fifth day he must have had the munchies. Took Kade until breakfast to find him. Oh Bruno.

(day 5)

On the sixth day he was super busy racing on our remote control toys. Tons of others got in on the action, Dora was even photographing at the finish line!


The ones holding the remotes lol.

On the seventh day…. Bruno went fishing.

(day 7)

His fishing rod is pretty cute 😉

I’m going to post 7 days at a time so the posts don’t get too long, but you don’t get tired of coming back to check on our elf!!!
Can’t wait to share the next elfnanigans!!! If you have an elf, hope you’re all enjoying this fun time too!

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Elf on the Shelf… he’s arrived!! | Calgary photographer

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

The day I have been waiting for WEEKS happened. Finally! And a day early. I am a mess for dates right now.
Christmas happens to be my most favorite time of the year. I love having some family time, some Christmas cheer, Christmas baking, going to church. And I LOVE the music. LOVE.
This year Christmas is going to be a little harder. For the first time we have no family visiting. My sister and family is clear across the country. So I am a little sad, and lost. I love to cook for the holidays, and suddenly have not too many too feed. I love to bake… but who is going to eat it? So this year I am a little scared of Christmas.
I decided to focus on the kids, and try to come up with something that would still let our kids feel close to their cousins. I had seen elf on the shelf last year and thought my kids would love it. So I ordered 2, one for us and one for my nephews.

The elf is basically a go between from the kids to Santa. He uses magic every night to go back to the North Pole and tell Santa everything that’s going on. Every morning he returns but in a different place than he was left. And some elves cause trouble…. it’s totally cute. The kids get to name the Elf, tell him their secrets and it just plain old rocks.

So Jenny and I were going to do a big surprise North Pole breakfast together so the kids could talk about it, and it would be a Christmas bonding tradition. Well… all was well and good until I accidentally did our breakfast ON THE WRONG DAY!! Ugh I am still sick over it! We were going to start Dec 1, and I did it Nov 30! I’m telling you… I am a hot mess for dates right now!

So I was up at 5:15 (to beat our real alarm clock Kade. Who wakes us all up at 6am on the dot.every day.) and set up the surprise breakfast. Egg mcmuffins (thanks Pinterest), green and red milk with marshmallows in a rudolph cup (by far the biggest hit), some Christmas donuts, and a little rudolph toy. Kade was COMPLETELY awed. She said ‘Our house is FULL of MAGIC!!!!’ That right there made it totally worth it :) Ro was and is more skeptical (people remember to take the tags off the doll. Seriously. Now I have to explain the tag thing to him lol) but he was up at 6 today ready to go find the elf!!!

After a day of thinking… our elf has a name. Bruno. So Bruno… welcome to the family.

It’s such a fun family tradition that I think can go on forever. If my parents had done it, I probably would still go to their house wondering where they put it! I love it!

I wanted to take some amazing pictures through our Elf journey, but the thing is it’s pitch black out when we get up. So I just have to go with it. lol.

The spread…..

Daddy reading the note from Bruno

Daddy reading the book!

Some pretty happy and excited kids around here!

Ro helping Kade get her special milk :)

Now to see if my nephews Elf has arrived!!!!!

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