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365 day 302 ish….. my halloween

Monday, November 1st, 2010

They were dressed for the occasion.

He wore this the whole night. Impressive. He had a nice red mark on his forehead from the foamy piece resting on it!

If I edited her messy face…. noone would recognize her 😉

Cool face painting… right?

Ahhh the lil devil….. one pic iof 10 in focus. He was RARING to go!

Kade took a few minutes to sing and dance. HIGH-larious as my sister would say. Top of her lungs belting out a crazy tune and watching herself dance in the window. Lurve that kid.

They were raring to go. And go they did. Every year we start at our house. Go up the block. Then back down the other side. This year… they made the WHOLE loop… and back up and down to hit the *SCARY* house.I was terrified of Kade going near it as the man at said *SCARY* house scared the crap out her last year and she had trouble sleeping for almost a month. But none of them were really scared and we carried on.

Oh Gram….

The loot was quite astounding from one looped block walk. Who needs that much candy anyways????

And then… time to wash that nasty smelly colored hairspray off and off to bed bed bed!!!!!

365 day 301… is it dead, I almost cried, I need advice, and I almost peed my pants laughing

Friday, October 29th, 2010

I don’t know if I can catch up. So many posts behind that I just want to say screw it, I can’t.
But then I am SO CLOSE… and I hate that I haven’t been able to do it.

I can NOT stand the fact that I started about 4 projects this year and never got them completed. Whoever said working from home is a GOOD way to spend time with your kids and make money needs their head examined 😉 I have been so busy this whole year…. I feel like a top spinning out of control!

Anyways… I did take some pics last night. Despite all the drama that was yesterday.

Our dog Myra is sick. Again. Abcess anal glands. sounds awesome doesn’t it? So she is on painkillers, some other medication that I can’t think of right now, and I have to soak her bum at least once a day. I know you’re all jealous. She would be fine and the painkillers actually get her to sleep a lot… but my other dog will NOT leave her alone. My day is filled yelling at him and swatting him away from her. I mean he is NOT helping like he thinks he is! Anyone want a dog for about 6 days? I can’t take it anymore! I tried splitting them up, they just both go on their sides of the doors and scratch and whine… SO ANNOYING.

Rohan had halloween day at school. Which is GREAT. Except he was so excited he was asking to go around 8am until he actually went at 12 every 5 freakin minutes. That was spectacular. NOTHING took his mind off it.

Kade fell down the stairs. The reason she fell is quite funny. The fall not so much. She lovers her winter boots. She wore them upstairs and went to the bathroom wearing these huge honkin boots. Then when she went to go downstairs… well she fell at the top and kept going until she landed at the bottom. As if that wasn’t enough drama… she came back from dropping Ro at school begging to go to the play place. Crying.. throwing a fit… I was ready for a stiff drink at that point!

And for the finale of the day:
Kade will not go into her dance class. This is her second week. I don’t know what to do. She is excited all week, and on the day asks a hundred times if it is time for class yet, gets in the car, runs up to the class.

THEN FREEZES. She can not physically go in. She was FINE for two classes going in on her own before this. I thought we were past all this stuff (not past it exactly, just a bit better). Then she cries. I try to put her in the room with grandma in it yesterday and she grabbed the doorway and started screaming for dear life…. so once again we went home. Without dancing.

I need to know… what do you do when this happens? I am at a complete loss. I don’t want her to quit. She is the one that wanted me to sign her up, it’s not something I chose. I am a big believer of following through. If she was older I would put her in and close the door lol. But she is only 3. And she has issues. And I just wanted to sit in on the floor and cry with her last night. I don’t understand this. This was never ME as a kid, so I don’t get it. PLEASE SEND HELP. She is already asking me today if she has dance class… and telling me she is going to go in all by herself. Ya… I heard the same thing LAST WEEK Kade…. and she loves showing off her moves to people that come over and practicing at home – I just don’t know what to do.

After the drama died down…. we were home again. And Rohan stepped away from the action, went to the living room and played. By himself. I had to grab a camera because his whole life I have been hoping to see this. And he is FINALLY doing it. amazing.

Weird how something small like that can take you from wanting to cry on a dance class floor in front of strangers – who cared at that point……. to wow this is totally amazing I am so proud.

On a completely funny note to show I am not some weirdo freak that never has any fun…. when Ro was getting ready for bed this is what he announced to Gram. ‘Hold on a sec Gram, my stinger is sticking out of my underwear!’ OMG. Boys are Hysterical!
It was Halloween day at dance class too. Kade had trashed her dress by the end of the night. How surprising 😉 This is her smiling…. can you tell? Well she SAID she was smiling!
What happens when I try for one nice pic of Kade.
This was taken right before bed. She may be the mechanic in the family. THIS was with my camera’s highest ISO setting. Take THAT canon 😉

365 day 300…. thank goodness for Keagan!!

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

The day was hot. Big kids were in school. The park was yelling our names…. not one to disappoint off we went!!!!!
He loves me. AND still loves my camera. Keagan…. you are so cute. and I love you. xoxoxoxoxoxo

He’s 3 now!!!!!

365 day 299 today we said goodbye to some friends

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Life. It’s complicated. Busy. stressful. A juggling act.

I am failing miserably. My work is so behind…. and my computer problems are just making that much more evident every.single.day.

We have had a few people out to visit in the past weeks. And birthdays. Dance class. School. Work. I am thankful for all the above… just still learning how to balance being at home with my kids, the cleaner, the cook, the taxi driver and work. It’s a work in progress :)

Two of my sister and I’s friends came out…. one stayed at her house and one here. Well the kids are COMPLETELY devastated to be losing their McCool (as she is called around here). Kade has woken up asking me to go pick her up oh about a hundred times already. And Rohan was so upset she wouldn’t be here when he woke up.

ALL our kids love these girls… as do we. A visit from them is heaven. I just wish I could have spent more time with them…. thanks computer for that.

Yesterday my kids were playing with McCool and the sun was just setting so I quickly fired off a few pics. I have been so busy the past few days my camera sat full of pics and I had no time to upload…. CRAZY!!!

You can see how happy they are with her… Kade even said she would go stay with her for a week. So you know it’s love! This morning she looked at one of the pictures and said ‘I love you McCool’. Makes me want to pack up and move home.

SO HOMESICK right now.

How can I resist someone I don’t have to bribe??? So pretty… and compliant lol. The only problem was…. Kade wanted to be in ALL the photos lol.

365 day 298 I feel like bustin out some Christmas tunes

Friday, October 15th, 2010

cause it is SNOWING!!!!! It is so pretty outside. I have two kids that are playing together… a cup of coffee… prepping for a newborn session….. it couldn’t be more SWEET!!!

I love snow. So pretty. And the best part? It’s melting! We all know it’s not here to stay quite yet!

365 day 297 some days leaving the house is just too much work.

Monday, October 11th, 2010

And there are sooooo many reasons for this.

one of them is Rohan and his shoes. They have to be on perfectly. Straps lined up, tongue just so… this process can take one try or 20.

one reason is bathroom breaks. Someone ALWAYS has to go when we are leaving.

one reason is shoes, for an entirely different reason. There always seems to be one missing. Or they can’t find the pair they want to wear.

one reason is just getting them dressed takes away my desire to ever have to leave the house. Matching socks? Who does that anymore lol.

another reason is forgetting something. you think you are out the door and you forgot to fill up juice cups. Or they forgot them. Or Kade has forgotten the 3rd baby she wants to bring. Or the DS’s are somewhere in the house and we have to find them.

On this day…. another interesting reason popped up. After all the drama of getting them dressed and braiding Kade’s hair she had a meltdown over hair gel. She wanted some that I was putting in Rohan’s hair and I said no. So… while I did Ro’s hair she went upstairs and came down looking like this.

She was trying to convince me it wasn’t that big of a deal. Ya. Right.

I honestly do try to at least LEAVE the house with clean kids…. but even that is really hard to do!!!! I mean I am sure when people see me in public they think wow can’t she wash her kids clothes or keep them clean lol. Kade is the messiest kid on the EARTH. 3 seconds and she’s dirty. I try my best. Obviously she is completely against the theory of clean.

365 day 296 park days continue….

Monday, October 11th, 2010

I know I promised no more. But that was when I thought we had no summer so there wouldn’t be any more park days. KIDDING! But this was the highlight of our day. And Rohan’s hair is too fun. And I LOVE random park equipment pictures!!!!

Playing at the park really tires a kid out heehee!!!

365 day 295. Mornings should NOT be this hard. EVER.

Monday, October 11th, 2010

You know those mornings you wake up… spend 5 minutes doing your morning thing and then realize that day has a very high chance of SUCKING??? This was me the other day.

I am a pretty routine morning person.

Kade wakes me up (she is better than an alarm clock – very good at her job). We go downstairs. I start coffee, get her cereal, and then get mine. Then it’s COFFEE TIME oh yeah!!!!

This particular morning coffee was NOT my friend. And as it is the first thing I do that does NOT bode well for the rest of my day. I shudder to think what a day without coffee would be like….

It went like this. I opened the can of coffee. Hoping there was enough in there for one more pot. There wasn’t. OK – no big deal Kathy. You can do this. I grab the new tin of coffee. Get the can opener out. Something else fell out of the cupboard (it’s over the microwave). Great. Grab that and put it back. I am now in a cold sweat.

Tim Horton’s cans and my can opener hate each other. So much my can opener loses sight of it’s job and never opens the can the whole way. No matter how many rounds that can goes it NEVER opens the whole way. My can opener has a hate on for it. It opens everything else. Just not my coffee. In retrospect maybe it has a grudge against me? Perhaps hiding it away when all my other appliances are out in the open is giving it a complex…. interesting…..

Anyways… so I plug the can opener in and give it a go. 3 rounds, 4, 8, 10… and I give in. It’s not going to open. Out comes the butter knife. Well… that didn’t work either. As much as I hate to do it I try bending the lid with my hands. Nothing.

Now I am fuming mad. I just want my freakin cup of coffee. And it’s ruining my routine. And I do NOT want to see my day start without coffee!!!

So I grab the hand can opener. Which hasn’t been used (or cleaned apparently – but hey that is aa entirely different post. and my cleaning or lack thereof is NOT the point of this one) for about 10 ish years lol. Well…. turns out I don’t think that one even works at all lol. The spinner sharp circle doesn’t turn at all. (aren’t I technical bwahaha).

Now what???? It’s either get dressed, dress Kade and run somewhere or die trying. I dug my heels in. I have never had a can actually win this war – but this one was sure coming close.

So I thought about it and decided. It was open enough to pour the coffee out into the old can. And then the angels sang! So I took it and dumped it. Upon dumping I realized the coffee is tightly packed in those cans…. cause it promptly overflowed. All over the counter and floor.

Great…. just when I thought I was nearing some yummy coffee goodness I had to go and grab the broom and dustpan. SO SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN DRESSED AND GONE OUT. Then I had to fight Kade for the broom. She can be helpful. Or messy. But when you are totally frustrated and needing your coffee for your routine to go on as normal…. there is no patiently waiting for your 3 yr old to sweep around the crumbs trying to help!!!

Then. On to the coffee.

Oh how I wish the end went like this. ‘After all that I was rewarded with a delicious hot cup of coffee. I sat and snuggled Kade on the couch watching cartoons slowly sipping on the goodness that is coffee.’

Instead… I made a pot of coffee no person in their right mind would drink. It was horrid!!! Why on this day did that one random pot of coffee had to be made?? UGH.

And then….. I was out of filters.

So I did what anyone else would do. Grabbed a cup of water and gave up. Coffee. You won this round. But there will be many many battles. And I am relentless.

Maybe I should ask for a new can opener for Christmas?

coffee that did not fit. grrrrrrrr

365 day 294 someone’s in the kitchen with gramma

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Gram let the kids bake with her in the kitchen the other day. I had some work to do so I went upstairs and started on that…. but there was so much giggling and laughing going on I had to run down for a few pics…. my kids sure do love helping out in the kitchen!

And…. that usually means there are a lot less cookies that actually get to be baked – a bit of the cookie dough usually goes missing. Wonder where?

no fun at all. Sheesh Gram….do they ever have fun with you?
Eyeing up the dough…..
Someone is quicker than she is!
Being told…. NO MORE DOUGH!
Concentrating…. getting the dough off spoon is a VERY hard concept. When it is not going in the mouth!
I just love her concentration face. The lip. It’s sweet.

let me tell you. Those cookies were GOOD!!! Do you know in the States they have cinnamon chips (like chocolate chips)?? SUCH good cookies.

365 day 293 man fall is HAWT!!!!

Monday, October 11th, 2010

I love weekends. I love hanging out with the kids… no rush for school. Hangin out in pj’s half the day…. then heading out to grandma’s to go down by the river!!! It was so beautiful out… seriously this fall is SO MUCH better than the rest of this whole year has been!!!! I absolutely want to soak up as much time outside as possible. Because once winter hits…. well it’ll be over lol. And living here – it could happen tonight or after Christmas… you just never know 😉

So we went out today and had a great time. Despite the fact that I did not realize it was going to be so hot. So dressed as we were and with my brilliant self leaving all the drinks in the car….. we were SO HOT and tired about 3/4 through the walk.

Two out of four ended up in the river. Just to cool off! This province has the craziest weather anywhere – I swear. We also saw a bridal party getting their pictures done. Cutest Kade moment of the day. She was convinced the bride was a princess… she wanted to go say hi!

I wanted to get three pics today. And hired gram as the photog. Good thing she’s cheap 😉 I ended up getting one. Not realizing my outfit looks TERRIBLE sitting down lol. It does look good standing up hahahaha.
Plus we just got there and were already dirty. Thanks to my clumsy children 😉
Clearly… the good one was NOT this one….. I was trying to get them in the mood. Cause they were NOT feeling it!
This one was my fav! Thanks Gram!!!! I gave up after this. They are just so bratty!!!! Too bad my shades were on. I threw them off after this shot and by then they stopped looking AND smiling. Boo children.
So incredibly gorgeous out.
Poor Kade. Her shoes got taken (we assume an accident) after ballet class. Her brand new very fav (and only) runners. We are waiting to see if they are returned next week – so for now she has only sandals. Which she is completely miserable over. And it makes for really awful attempts for walking at a rocky beach :(
Cool off time!!!
HEE HEE!!!!!!
Seriously… he was dumping water from his shoe. Over his head.
Love. love.
Every time I go to Okotoks I admire this view. Today I finally stopped. Just gorgeous. I love seeing the mountains in the distance. My fav part of living here for sure.