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Snow princess ~ Calgary children’s photographer

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Today we won.
Kade and I have been planning princess pictures in the snow since we bought her costume in October. It’s either been too cold, too windy, not enough snow, or we’ve been sick to pull it off.


Even though it was pretty cold I have quite a few new favorites of miss Kade. They will have to wait until I get through my sessions, but I had to edit 2 that I absolutely love.

Love this girl. Love that a bird landed in her hand and even though she was completely freaked out at the time she now calls this her best day ever because of it. Love that her feet were freezing and she smiled on.

(Just so everyone knows Kade and I did scoop up all the snow with sparkles in it. Don’t want anyone thinking I left them all over the ground! We even did it with the birds coming after us lol)

Seriously. Love this.
snow princess, session in the snow with sparkles

Boys become kings, girls will be kings…. can’t stop thinking of this song every time I look at her pictures :)
snow session with a crown

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Finding beauty in the every day | Calgary lifestyle photographer

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Lifestyle photography. One of my most loved, most favorite of all times cherished ways of getting photos. I love watching my kids. I love photographing them doing their favorite things. Looking through pictures of them seeing them truly happy and enjoying what they were doing makes me smile. I love the simple things in life. And my photos of my children reflect that. I have wanted to delve into this type of photography for so long.
When this family contacted me I was completely over the moon. We were both so excited for this session, it was truly incredible. The images I got from this session are full of emotion. All the beauty that can be found in every day moments is inspiring. And amazing. I am truly grateful to have been able to shoot this session.

Because there are moments we as parents always hold dear. Always want to treasure.

The amazing giggle your child has when you whisper in their ear…..

How they love to play hide and seek looking through windows at you…..

The pure joy they experience while you dance around the living room with them while listening to their favorite song….

Sometimes we forget how much work even the simple things took to learn….
like crawling in a dress

or just how rewarding that cup of water was once they got to it

Things like first steps that we want to remember forever

little diaper tooshies

arms that want nothing more than to be picked up

There are family moments we want treasured forever

moments that make us smile

moments that will too soon pass by

the moments where to our kids we are everything and they are overjoyed to play with us

the smiles

the snuggles

the joy

the absolute joy our children bring us

THIS is why lifestlye photography means so much to me. This is why everyone should consider a little lifestyle in their lives. And this is how I love to shoot.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your day and to share such special moments.

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a smashing success | cake smash photographer

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Oh my word! That is all I have to say for this session. This little girl was SUCH a cutie! She was just the sweetest thing… and she really got into her cake smash :) It made for the most fun in an afternoon a girl could have :)

Thanks so much for spending some time with me, it was so funny watching your little princess get thoroughly covered in cake! I absolutely adore these sessions…. 1 year olds are just so amazing and fun to be around!

Seriously cute!!!


Her mom brought all this awesome stuff for her session! We had so much fun outfitting her up!

AND then…… it was cake smash time!! I have so many favorites, it was incredibly hard choosing a few to blog! These sessions are just the greatest.

At first she was not sure what she was supposed to do lol. She was looking at us like ‘ummmm ok… what now?’!

Then she decided ‘ok I’ll just touch it, are you happy?’.

Which brought on another look of ‘seriously what am I supposed to be doing here?’ while mom and I were cracking up.

And then it was ON!

Heehee look at her face now :)

And a brief glimpse of what else went on….

Love these sessions!!! Thanks so much for bringing her by!

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He’s 2! | Calgary children’s photographer

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Way back in Feb (yes I AM that far behind in my blogging!) one of my friends and clients brought over her growing family (she’s pregnant again!!) to take their 2 year old’s pics! As usual it was the most fun time :) I have taken this little guy’s pics quite a few times, and love getting together with the whole family :) You can see his cake smash !

It was much harder getting him into the photos than when he was one and just sat where we put him 😉 But as usual we prevailed, and we got some awesome images to go together with the great memories our sessions leave us with.

Thanks so much for coming by again…. can’t wait for all this year has to bring for your family!

Blowing kisses…. so cute!

And…. haha we got you! Smiles and all :)

We took some cute ones of his sister too!

Also managed to get some great ones with a guitar! It was so cute watching him try to play with Daddy.

And then…. a sweet family shot! The perfect session :)

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Four means fun! | Calgary children’s photographer

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

These 4 kids ALWAYS leave me smiling. They are so great for photo sessions and they are so cute!! And Miss M is turning into such a beautiful young lady! These are my friend’s kids… and I love them. They are fabulous. They make you want to have tons of kids…… but I won’t 😉

It was a VERY serious session.

There was NO laughing.

There was absolutely NO messin around. That’s just not how I roll 😉

And there were a lot of really great, super awesome pictures. Pictures that prove 4 kids means a ton of fun!

And now I leave you with one of my faves….. from SUCH an awesome session :) Thanks guys!

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simply sweet session….perfection

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Ahhhhh to be young and carefree again… running through a beautiful garden at sunset… and a crazy photographer chasing you lol 😉

I had so much fun at this session… I posted a few sneaks before and wanted to share some more. Because they are awesome. I had a super hard time narrowing the gallery for this little beauty….. enjoy!

Check out her poses lol. Practicing to be a teen already!
LOVE this.
Noone has fun on a photo shoot with me…. can’t you tell?
I love this picture. Pure sass.
Oh how beautiful that light was :)
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365 day 244 a little edgier | Calgary children’s photographer

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Edgier…. or more urbanish. I’m trying to push my comfort level a little. Today I finally got my walk to Inglewood in!!! I went with my friend T and all our kids. Walking in Inglewood with 5 kids just for fun….. is not really something I would advise. The sidewalks are narrow and kid friendly restaurants with bathrooms (lol) were not really on every corner! Not to mention there were soooo many shops T and I wanted to stop in. But with our troops that was not going to happen!

But I must say it was fun. We stopped at Inglewood Pizza. Which was AMAZING. Such good pizza. Definitely go there. We went to Starbucks… and we found fantastic photo spots and the BLUE WALL I have been searching for. Unfortunately we didn’t actually make it to the wall… but hey we found it!!!

I got some GREAT pics of some beautiful girls. Little Miss T…. you are so pretty. and sweet. and smart. and loved. You are growing up sooo fast and I am so happy I get to be in your life. You are an amazing kiddo with such a fantastic life ahead of you….. thanks for letting me take your pics today. And little Miss R you are just sweetness. You just strike a pose for me on request….. and you make me laugh all the time.
T- you have some amazing kids on your hands…. which just shows everyone that you are a wonderful mom (and possibly a great dad in there too ;).   We love love spending time with you guys and wish it could be more often! So move already 😉

Some of these are processed a little differently than I would a client…. I take every chance I can to learn and grow – and these kids were so willing so I had to play around with them! And I know their mom won’t mind!

365 day 242 when the light is sweet | Calgary children’s photographer

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

When the light is sweet the pictures SING!!!!
Little miss B….. how I love taking her pictures! I took them twice last year (indoor and outdoor sessions) and they were GORGEOUS. This year… they are just amazing! We went to one of my favorite gardens… the light was fabulous and she was in a fantastic mood! Her parents were totally into it too…. so it was a really fun night!!!
Thanks for the times….. here are some sneaks! There are a few – that lighting was so awesome… I am in awe! This is why I recommend sunlight/sunset times…. seriously rockin!

As soon as I clicked it, I knew it was magic! This girl was FAST…. and kept me moving. The fact that I got this shot made the whole night. She is just beautiful.
She was really loving this ring. But was concentrating hard on where to hold her arm for the pic 😉
No really…. she WAS having a good time!
There are no words. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
She was having soooo much fun. Just hanging out with the parents and playing around! So much fun to shoot!

My little retro cutie | Calgary children’s photographer

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Yes….. another blog post with my little cutie. I can’t help it. There are NEVER any kids as cute as your own right?????

I finished a session today. Like 40 pics. In a few hours. With the SLOWEST COMPUTER on the planet right now. And am totally proud of myself!!!!

So now you get to see all the sides of Kade. I lurve this kid. Sersiously.

Such a lady!
She loves to dance. It is ridiculously funny to watch!!!
Oh yeah…. she’s happy lol.

365 day 139 love these little girls!! | Calgary children’s photographer

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Oh my gosh I FINALLY got pics of little miss S looking at me. Miracles DO happen!!! She is just so cute and I just love her. I can’t even count the number of times I have tried to get her pics – and this was just an off the cuff random attempt. I had no idea beforehand it would actually work!!!!
And little miss L….. one of my friends whom I have had the pleasure of taking her son’s pics since he was born needed pics with wings. She had done it for her other children and wanted some of him to. Well I had no wings, so she had to go elsewhere.
I am happy to say…. I NOW HAVE THE MOST SWESOMEST wings ever!!!!! So if you want pics with wings…. I have them :) little miss L was good enough to model them for me. I have some more pics… but here’s what I have so far :)