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on their way to 5 ~ Calgary maternity photographer

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Well…. it’s been 7 months since I updated this old blog! 7 months! I can’t hardly believe it! I honestly thought as the kids got older I would have more time. Well, as other parents know this is most definitely NOT what happens!! My life the last 7 months has been a giant whirlwind and I am still struggling to balance out motherhood and working from home. I wanted to get back to updating the blog though, so I thought I would share a session from the summer that was so fun!

You may notice a little new feature I added, a pin it button. Please, feel free to pin away :) I want to see if it really works 😉

I have photographed this family for so many wonderful occasions. Pregnancies, births and birthdays we’ve known each other for a while :) I was so happy when she saw a photo on pinterest and got inspired. We worked it all out and this shoot was an awful lot of fun!

Just beautiful.

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I love this shot. Love.

Calgary maternity photo session

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Seriously glowing right?

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The perfect bump :)

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Calgary outdoor maternity photography

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fun maternity shoot

These shots are just simply amazing. Love them.

maternity photography, Calgary photographer

Now… I’m going to have to keep blogging because this baby has been born… a ‘little’ while ago!!

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waiting | Calgary maternity photographer

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Such a wonderful couple. The perfect belly bump. Couldn’t resist adding a few more… now that the wait for their gallery is over. Soon, the wait for this little baby will be over too!! Can’t wait :)

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Smokin HAWT ~ Calgary maternity photographer

Monday, February 21st, 2011

That is what this momma to be is!!!!
Being pregnant is such an exciting and overwhelming time. Being pregnant with your first especially so!! You wouldn’t even know it if you met R. So relaxed, and just gorgeous. It is not fair at ALL for women to look this pretty pregnant! We had a super fun session at their house and BRAVED the cold for a few shots outside! When I say braved, that is what it was. It was so cold and windy out… we kept having to warm up! Not the time you want to be caught outside dressed for fashion instead of function! But they pulled it off without complaint. Even holding their breath on the count of 3 so we wouldn’t be seeing it in the pics 😉

Such an awesome couple… they are going to be amazing parents. What a lucky baby.

Just posting a couple… I am going to get my monitor calibrated before I carry on on any pictures. I am totally scared my colors are off and I like knowing they are bang on. So if anything looks off – rest assured it will be fixed tomorrow. Having a calibrated monitor will give me peace of mind to fly through all the photos I have waiting to be edited!!!

Who DOESN’T want a wall like this??? I asked if she could please come over to my house so I could watch the baby, while she ummm organized and decorated mine. Even warned her it might take weeks. She never did answer me……

I love this… because he busted out talking to the baby :)

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on their way to a family of 3 | Calgary maternity photographer

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

There must be something in the water in Calgary these days!!! Another maternity shoot today!!! And another stunning mamma to be. Seriously. She was doing YOGA. And she is pregnant. I can’t even do yoga NOT pregnant. Although her husband did try and show me a stance :)

This couple was amazing to work with. Really fun and daddy to be was right in there with the poses. and smiling all around. This baby is definitely something that has them over the moon!!

She was so adventurous we convince her hubby to head over to Fish Creek as it was a little warmer than it has been the past few days. Warm enough for five minutes of posing and clicking!!

Thanks so much for the times…. can’t wait to hear when this little one is born! And to get through these photos… they are gorgeous!

Of course we did do some in studio…. ok a ton! But I really loved the outdoor shots so I chose those for the sneak. Here are a couple from indoors.

I wanted to give this one an older feel… something about the textures just led me there. So beautiful!

Even though it’s difficult…. I will forgive them for THIS. Cute though hey?

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on they way to becoming a family on 5 | Calgary maternity photographer

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

They are on the way to their 3rd baby!!! And she is absolutely gorgeous and radiant! I took this family’s photos in the summer you can see them here. They are such a fun family and I had such a great time taking their family photos I was THRILLED when she told me they were expecting. AND wanted more photos!!

Here is a sneak of the maternity photos… they are all literally from the first 5 min of the shoot! They were all so happy and fun it is going to be hard narrowing the gallery down!

Next up for this family…. newborn photos! You better believe this baby is going to be gorgeous – just like everyone else in the family!

He was more than willing to help me set up :) Testing testing… ok we’re good to go!

How could this NOT make one smile? Cuteness overload.

This kid is going to be one of the BEST big brothers around. He even wants to share a room with the baby… totally CUTE!!!

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Divine | Calgary maternity photographer

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Absolutely divine.
Fab fall weather… check
awesome couple…. check
baby bump….. check

What a perfect shoot. I am just in love with this session and all its possibilities. In fact…. I want to post them all. VERY HARD decisions to make for this post. We hit so many awesome places and the lighting was just sweet…. the process of culling and choosing for a blog post seems IMPOSSIBLE.

But here are some of my favs….. and they are NOT in any order… as you may be able to tell 😉

I can not wait to meet this little baby…..

This may be one of my fav mat shots I have ever taken.
This is my fav alley I have ever found. Such possibilities with the lighting!
Their shoot was on October 30th :)
Isn’t she just too beautiful? Love this!

Loved this shirt!!!

bump….bump….someone has a baby bump!

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

I was so excited for this shoot. Over the moon… could barely contain myself. First of all…. it was for another photographer. And really…. getting contacted by another photog feels pretty awesome.
Secondly… the weather (although recently was scaring me) was PERFECT! It was a gorgeous day out. Which was a major plus, because this mama to be wanted an outdoor session so bad we did it a few weeks earlier than normal.
Thirdly…. well the photos will tell you. They are gorgeous. Inside and out. It was like talking a walk with good friends. They were probably terrified I wasn’t going to let them leave without planning a night out with them or something 😉 There are so many beautiful photos from this session… you’ll be seeing more soon!
I just can’t wait to meet their little one….

This may just be my fav maternity photo I have ever taken. The textures and the outfit and the light…. delightful!
I do believe outdoor maternity has become a favorite of mine!

365 day 204… guess whose belly this is!! | Calgary maternity photographer

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Anyone???? She happens to be an amazing sister. She also manages to look incredible while pregnant. And still chasing 2 kids around! We went out to see Sex and the City 2 tonight. Then we RACED to the park to grab a few quick pics. This baby may be born sometime soon and we wanted to make sure we had some shots before he makes his grand entrance into the world. the light faded QUICK… and the mosquitoes… oh the mosquitoes…. they were INTENSE out there!!!

I am also itchy everywhere….. keep checking for woodticks. Thanks for bringing them up Jenny…. I am NEVER going to be able to sleep!!!!

I am sooo happy we got a few shots. However I really want to take some different ones….. more artsy outdoor fun. And I FORGOT the parasol in the car. So let’s all hope she is told at her dr appt tomorrow that baby is NOT going to be making an appearance soon. So I can practice doing some different outdoor mat stuff!

Don’t look if you are prone to jealousy…. she really DOES look great pregnant. It’s sickening.

I had to take this shot just because. I love dandelion shots. I practice whenever a willing subject appears 😉

fun maternity session….. with knitting chocolates and mints! | Calgary maternity photographer

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

This was a very fun, very different maternity shoot for me!!! I am starting to get more comfortable with maternity shoots – and they are SO much fun!!!!!
C and I had many really fun ideas and it was a blast sharing this time with you :) Thanks so much for the opportunity and the chai!!!

Here are a couple….. complete with knitting a hat for this little boy, and some fun with cravings!!!

a little more of Miss A and her beautiful mommy (daddy snuck in too!)!!!

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Well here we are again!!!! Finally. I know J has been WAITING for these :) Sorry – I am getting a little farther behind than usual. I keep getting sick. Seems like I just get better, and then I get knocked down again. And the weather has also not been a friend. J you have been MOST patient, I sure hope you are happy after the waiting!!! From a very coolish outdoor shoot, where I forgot my indoor backdrops, to too cloudy for studio shots while I was toting my cranky kids around, to driving to my hood – you have been awesome!!

My total favorite!

Guess how old????