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Snow princess ~ Calgary children’s photographer

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Today we won.
Kade and I have been planning princess pictures in the snow since we bought her costume in October. It’s either been too cold, too windy, not enough snow, or we’ve been sick to pull it off.


Even though it was pretty cold I have quite a few new favorites of miss Kade. They will have to wait until I get through my sessions, but I had to edit 2 that I absolutely love.

Love this girl. Love that a bird landed in her hand and even though she was completely freaked out at the time she now calls this her best day ever because of it. Love that her feet were freezing and she smiled on.

(Just so everyone knows Kade and I did scoop up all the snow with sparkles in it. Don’t want anyone thinking I left them all over the ground! We even did it with the birds coming after us lol)

Seriously. Love this.
snow princess, session in the snow with sparkles

Boys become kings, girls will be kings…. can’t stop thinking of this song every time I look at her pictures :)
snow session with a crown

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no april fool’s jokes here! | Calgary child photographer

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

April Fools. The day for pranks. Practical jokes.


Well…. there were no pranks here! Ro lost his third tooth (finally)!!!! Thankfully the tooth fairy took it as serious as he did and stopped by our house last night!!!

Hope you had a great April Fool’s Day!


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Meet our elfontheshelf Bruno | Calgary photographer

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Our elf on the shelf, which we named Bruno, arrived on Nov 29. As he was supposed to arrive on the same day as my sister’s elf, imagine our shock when ours showed up a day early. I am SO disorganized this year!!!!

The day he arrived he made us breakfast to celebrate our first day together. Fun ‘north pole’ milk, donuts, and egg mcmuffins got me out of breakfast duty πŸ˜‰

Ro was skeptical, but Kade said ‘Our house is FULL of magic!!!!’. It is baby girl. It is. We are just over a week in, and it has been the most fun tradition to start. The kids wake up every morning, rushing to see where the elf is and what mischief he has been in. Because our elf? OF COURSE they would send a little mischief maker. Totally fits in around here!!!

This was our big first day :)

(day 1)

Ro listening to the story….

helping his sister get her ‘north pole milk’

On the second day… our elf was already causing trouble!!! The kids caught him coloring a picture of an elf (lol), he had written his name on it and was cutting it out!


On the third day, he was already hittin on Strawberry Shortcake!! Took her for a swanky cupcake date in our TV stand….

(day 3)

Probably didn’t make a great impression… as he was covered in icing lol.

On the fourth day, he THREW A PARTY!!! What a mess… they had pop and chips and trail mix…. and the kids found them playing Uno Moo. Kade was not impressed he was wearing her beads lol.

(day 4)

Oh don’t try looking all cute! WHO is going to clean this all up???

On the fifth day he must have had the munchies. Took Kade until breakfast to find him. Oh Bruno.

(day 5)

On the sixth day he was super busy racing on our remote control toys. Tons of others got in on the action, Dora was even photographing at the finish line!


The ones holding the remotes lol.

On the seventh day…. Bruno went fishing.

(day 7)

His fishing rod is pretty cute πŸ˜‰

I’m going to post 7 days at a time so the posts don’t get too long, but you don’t get tired of coming back to check on our elf!!!
Can’t wait to share the next elfnanigans!!! If you have an elf, hope you’re all enjoying this fun time too!

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they grow so fast | Calgary children’s photographer

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Yesterday I had a baby. I swear it was yesterday. He wanted me, he needed me. He wanted suggles, love, attention. 1/2 a day a go he was running up to me for everything. Kisses, hugs, he didn’t care who was around. The other day I was a big deal.

Today I am the one who he will hold hands with after he makes a quick check to see if any of his friends are around. Today he tells me I can NOT kiss him at school. Today friends are in. Mommy is out. Unless, of course he is hungry, thirsty, or hurts himself.

Today I watch my little boy and am so proud of who he is becoming. But sad that he has to grow up so fast. Because every tomorrow seems to come too fast these days. Now the worries have moved from when to change a sippy to a cup, when to lose the soother, when to stop holding them and let them soothe themselves to how to be responsible. A nice, kind and caring little boy. How to get him to learn to play with others. To get him to learn patience. To be nice to his sister. To STOP saying poop every 2 minutes. Life becomes more difficult every day. But it is the absolute BEST to sit back and watch him do something he loves. And know that he is still going to hug me tightly before bed, and smile and say ‘good night mommy. I love you.’

Agility and Dexterity. Things we have to work on. Look at him doing jumping jacks.

Look at this kid’s face. He is so happy to be out playing.

They sit around cracking jokes. Absurd jokes to us. But they laugh like crazy all the same. Funny stuff.

There is a puppy dog that one of the girls on Rohan’s team has. Kade is in love with Finnigan. She spend most of the game petting this puppy. Today he was late. So she spent a bit more time standing in front of me while I was trying to take pictures. Who can resist a face like this!!!

He had a really great game tonight. He was going after the ball and most times getting it away from the other team. *insert mushy proud mommy momment*

Just wanted to say. Spring is here. I have the mosquito bites to prove it. And the buds on the trees too!!

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my picasso | Calgary child photographer

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Spring is here. Can’t you tell? Interesting. Neither can I.

And apparently, we just have to roll with it. Our children have gotten more toboganning in in the last few weeks than I thought possible in a whole year in Calgary. So.. well… we just keep rolling with it. And praying. Because really, summer DOES have to show up, right? Like everyone else… I am totally suffering from spring withdrawl. And so are the kids. The constant fighting. Tired of playing in snow. They want to be biking, playing in the yard… not digging up ski pants and mitts.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH SPRINTER! You’re killing us!

Hard at work. I love this little face.

She thought is was pretty cool that we were both getting very very dirty playing with chalk in the melting snowy mess. It was totally worth it! We did have fun. And clothes? Well they wash!

Love how she’s holding her hair out of the chalky mess. LOL.

Ahhhh the arrival of grandma. Complete with timbits and coffee. Which make for the perfect wintry, snowy day!

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Let’s talk playdoh

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Because here, we take our playdoh seriously.

My kids take their time with playdoh completely seriously. Which for us is super awesome. Hours are spent every week at our kitchen table. Imagining, creating, laughing, and building. It’s time the kids really play well together. They make stories together using their playdoh. Copy each others’ creations. Then make new ones. Time when laughter comes easily. It is heavenly.

I take making playdoh just as seriously. We go through A LOT of playdoh. Kade seems to lose about 1/10 of her playdoh every time she plays. And by lose I mean drops it on the floor. And by dropping it on the floor, that really translates to mommy has to sweep the floor 4 or 5 times when Kade plays with playdoh. That part is not so heavenly!!

Because of this, I would never buy store bought playdoh anymore. To pay for it, then be sweeping it up…. NO THANKS. Plus, it gets pretty hard after a few days, and doesn’t go through all the toys easily. THAT translates into mommy has to sit and play with playdoh to help make the swirl cones. THAT is also not so heavenly all the time!

So I started making playdoh. A stranger at Walmart gave me a recipe and I made it all the time. The problem was the playdoh stunk and went moldy pretty quick. Putting kool aid in playdoh is not the answer for coloring. I tried to make the recipe a few times without the kool aid, adding more flour but just couldn’t get the consistency right. Way too sticky, too soft, then oops – rock hard. So I texted my sister to get her recipe. Which she didn’t have after moving. So I did what she told me and googled cream or tartar playdoh recipes.

There are so many recipes out there. SO MANY. So I went through them and got the general feel of the ingredients, and the different ways of adding ingredients. And then, I experimented. Different smells, different ways of adding ingredients, different ingredients. And then, the unthinkable happened. I found one that worked!!

This recipe is easy and fun, and makes for rather elasticy but really soft playdoh. The kids absolutely love it. I love it. AND best part? Very few crumbs on the floor!!!

So here is what I did. In a pan I heated up the water and salt together over med heat for a couple minutes. Whisking. When I didn’t add the salt and heat the water together, there seemed to be too much salt and when playing with the playdoh there was salt all over the kids hands and stuff. After it heated for a couple minutes I added the cream of tarter, vanilla, oil and cinnamon. After stirring that quickly I added the flour, mixed with a spoon and it was ready. Most recipes said to let it form a ball, but really it took about 10 seconds to stir as the ingredients were hot and the flour made the mix dry almost right away. I stirred it until there was no liquid left (still spots of flour in it). Then left it for a few minutes to cool. Once cooled enough to dump it out and form into a ball I put it in the freezer to cool more quickly. Once cool enough to knead I broke it up into a few balls and added all the colors my kids wanted. 1 recipe makes 2 good size balls of playdoh. You can add the color to the water at the beginning. As my kids like having lots of colors, I knew I wanted more than one color to a batch, so I did it at the end!

food coloring

1 cup water

1/2 cup salt

2 tbs cream of tarter

2 tbsp oil

1 cup flour

To get the ‘ok’ from the kids on smell I added about 1 tsp cinnamon (maybe more – Kade was dumping it lol) and some vanilla. We just kept smelling and dumping until the kids liked it :)

It’s a good recipe! Hope you try it out, because any time we as parents get to ourselves is COMPLETELY worth it!

I love making playdoh. You can make any color, and it only takes minutes. It is the best stuff to have around in our house. Super funny that I shocked Rohan by saying some people buy it at the store. He was totally amazed that you could get it there πŸ˜‰

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frozen in time | Calgary photographer

Friday, March 25th, 2011

We seem to be forever frozen in winter this year. Normally I am a fan of snow. I start to get incredibly anxious if there is no snow around Christmas time. To the point I drive everyone around me crazy. I love how new and fresh everything looks covered in a thick layer of snow. I could do without it once it gets grey and slushy though πŸ˜‰

Every once in awhile… you just know there is going to be a super thick awesome layer of hoar frost. It is so pretty, and I love being out in it. Last night driving home from Okotoks I warned the kids to be prepared for a photo taking trip outside today, as I just KNEW we were going to have it!

Unfortunately for me that means what you think… I had to take the kids. It was a treat filled, gas station stopping, happy then complaining trip. And once I finally found this gorgeous spot to stop – I had to drive past it as I couldn’t take the “I wanna go HOME’ anymore :(

I did manage to get a few that I love, and it was really nice just getting out and driving around with the kids. Until I discovered I had turned myself around and was driving TOWARDS Crowsnest Pass instead of Calgary. The kids were NOT impressed. So the end was a little long.

Now… I have ALL the snow shots I need this year. Come on SPRING!!!! Ready for some flower and bug shots already! We saw tons of Canadian Geese last night flying around 22x and let me tell you we all shouted ‘SPRING IS COMING, THE BIRDS ARE BACK!!!!’ It does have to come right?

Hard to see through the fog for any good landscape shots :(

Barbed wire…..

She keeps dressing like its summer. She tried leaving the house in her croc sandals. And came out of the car like this to tell me she wanted to read a different story. CRAZY kid!

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what is frazzled

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

A winning combination to bring me to the point of officially being frazzled.

It’s the end of February and we are enjoying temperatures on -35 with the windchill.
It has been cold for FOREVER. No really it has. Don’t argue me on this. I have 2 kids desperate to run, ply, to be outside. And I do take them whenever I can. But to be locked in a house with them day after day… and see their endless energy NOT being being spent, it feels like it has been cold FOREVER. To always be searching for that ONE missing mitt. The hat he has to have. The struggle to put boots on. To get hats on. To walk outside with one child who bravely wants to go play in the cold, and the other to be a whining sobbing mess who needs to be carried it it’s too cold. To be strapping kids in and out of seatbelts in winter gear. To realize you forgot milk after making the trek to the store in a blizzard.

Being sick.

Having my sister move to what feels like the other side of the world. To wish with all my heart that I will hear the front door fly open and hear ‘Aunty Kaffy!!!’. Comforting Kade when she just wants to see her Aunty or play with her cousins.

The usual craziness of kids. Who dumped ANOTHER toilet paper roll in water? Who painted the cupboards in green paint? Why is Kadence’s face covered in marker? STOP FIGHTING! Who lost the wii remote? Don’t torture the dogs! No really that’s not loving, she is telling you she is going to bite you. take a hint! Where is my makeup? WHY do both you have a pound of silver sparkles in your hair? Who took my contact case? Where are your drink cups? Kade, you CAN NOT wear all your clothes in one day!! PLEASE STOP FIGHTING!!!

Combine all this fun stuff with

My blog switch. Working my butt of trying to get a new blog all set up and pretty, getting my new branding all together. ONLY to run into problem after problem. People can see it. Now they can’t. This person can, This one can’t. Contacting my host, relaying messages. Contacting again.

My website. Proofing galleries are not allowing me to upload.

My camera. stopped focusing at my last shoot, I got some excellent practice with manual focus!

My studio lights…. battery in my remote stopped working DURING a shoot.

Learning a new computer, backing it up, redoing my actions.

It has been an INSANE week. INSANE. I hope that NOW I am on the path to good again :) I think I have served my time being stressed out, getting no sleep and freaking out just a little.

So now. You can see this. My camera is being fixed. Things are looking up!!!

I also got this GORGEOUS mongolian fur today.. and my kids let me snap exactly 2 pics on it! Well really I took like 42, but I got 1 of each of them smiling. They were so excited for the new rug they told me I could take pics πŸ˜‰ Thought this meant I could experiment with some more dramatic lighting, but really it meant they would sit still for ONE minute and THEY chose which way they would face. So it’s dramatic, just not how I was picturing πŸ˜‰

Thanks for stopping by. I am happy you can see this. Please check out the the last few posts you may have missed!

Here is from going from frazzled to refreshed in the next few days!

And now…. time for sleep!

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macro water droplets

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

As promised…. here is a blip on my macro droplets.

I got most of my information hereΒ #mce_temp_url#

I followed this as close as I could. But it still took some time. And trial and error.

First – I couldn’t figure out how to get the background right. I used a skirt, wrapped around a tin, leaning against a corn pops box. Which you can see in the droplets. So I would recommend using a higher box. Quite high. Much higher than the tap. If you want the background to fill the water droplet.

Second – I could figure out the angle to put my flash at. I was getting shadows, could bounce and it wasn’t freezing the motion of the droplets. So I read up on freezing motion with flash and from what I gathered the flash light has to overpower natural light to freeze motion. So I set up at flash on manual 1/4, app8, iso200, ss 1/160. Which was my best set up.

Third – I was still getting blur, or ghosting and I couldn’t figure out why the drops weren’t crisp/ So I got out the tripod and set up. That helped a ton. They were better but not quite right. Then I realized I was on AF. So I switched to manual and kept slightly moving it until the focus landed right where the drops were falling. Instead of auto focusing on the edge of the tap.

VOILA… that was my best set up of the day. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a pull back. My kitchen is a MESS. When I say I have sat at my desk for 2 days – I literally have. I look all around me and cringe at the mess. Kade even told me to take out the garbage. LOL.

So if anyone feels the might be up to dropping water from an eyedropper for me and has nothing to do tomorrow afternoon come on over! If you bring kids, even better!!!

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what I have been up to

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Today I needed a break. In a big way. Check out what I’ve been working on! Between editing, cold weather (which equals too much indoor time with the kids), sessions, and learning to use the mac – this is my new blog page so far!!!!! With my new branding :)

I was stressing out, so… I tried something new. Something fun. Something that is harder than it looks!

macro water droplet

Want to know how to do this? Stay tuned… I’m going to do up another post soon!

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