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simply sweet | Calgary newborn photographer

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

This sweet little girl did not want to miss a minute of her session!
No matter what we tried she just wanted to flash those beautiful eyes! She was so pretty and so calm, just the sweetest little princess!!
I loves spending some time with you guys, you are wonderful parents as she is super lucky to have been born into such a great family :)

No sleep even though she was tired……

This was close to ‘almost’ 😉

She was just too pretty! Love this!

What a beautiful family. Such a pleasure to photograph!

Absolutely love this photo. Such a wonderful moment.


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A newborn!!! | Calgary newborn photography

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Finally got to get my baby fix in 😉 And try out some new posing/lighting techniques. Little Miss A was a strong girl, she let me have my way 50 % of the time, and she won the other half :)
So happy I got to try out some new things, thank you sooo much for bringing her in. It was a pleasure meeting all of you!!

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newborn goodness | Calgary newborn photographer

Monday, August 29th, 2011

My friend had another baby!!! This is baby #3 for a family we just love!! And finally….. it’s a BOY!!! He was so cute and so easy going, his shoot was a dream!
We were all so impressed with how he handled the shoot, we were convinced it was the best shoot ever. And then…. his sisters ran in and TOTALLY stole the show. Seriously, laughing, giggling, posing and checking the LCD they were all over it. Which was a shock considering how hard it has been getting Miss S to want to be in any photos pretty much her whole life!
Then we knew it was really the best shoot ever.

Thanks for bringing your family over, we all had fun! Even in the craziness of having 4 other kids running around causing chaos!

His aunt made this awesome hat and the blanket was his own. Made for some gorgeous pics of the little man!

This beautiful hammock was made by my cousin’s MIL in Winnipeg! I bought a bunch of cute hats and chunky blankets from her while I was out there! And I am ordering some hats for Ro and Kade for the fall and winter this year :) You can find her facebook page here . Go ahead and like it! She makes tons of original items and can custom make pretty much anything you can design! Her prices are not to be beat, I had a ton of fun shopping.

The chunky blanket here was also made by The Crazy Hatter. Isn’t he adorable????

The sisters who stole the show 😉

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scrumptious | Calgary newborn photographer

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Are words really necessary with a picture like that?? I have so many pics I want to share from this session. This little princess’s mom is also a photographer, I posted a few other pics here and we had a ton of fun doing this session. She is such a beautiful girl, and luckily very sleepy for her big photoshoot!! 2 sleepers in a row….. amazing!

I wanted to steal this chair. Badly. A you better hide it before I show up at your house tomorrow 😉 I may hold the blankets I accidentally swiped from you hostage!

I think this may be a most favorite picture ever. The lighting and colors were just amazing… I just love it.

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